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Your District.

Your Voice!

¡En tu distrito tu voz cuenta!


It's time for a change. Being a proud resident of Rohnert Park, living right here in B section, I see immense opportunity for our voices to be heard now more than ever. The newly formed District 1 is made up of two sections - A & B - and this refreshed mapping gives us an opportunity to finally have a seat at the table, which has been underrepresented in many ways for years. My top priority, should I have the honor of representing you as your City Council member, is to focus on growth within our neighborhoods so we can build towards continued progress in one of Rohnert Park’s most richly diverse neighborhoods.  


I am asking for your vote and, in exchange, I promise to bring a spotlight to our beloved city so we can march towards a common goal together with all voices being heard. You can oftentimes find me out and about with my family, but I can also be reached anytime at VoteLinares@gmail.com.


I look forward to meeting and partnering with you all so we can amplify our voices together.


Best Regards,

Willy Linares

Your District. Your Voice! 

En tu distrito tu voz cuenta!

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  • Being more inclusive of the community with issues that have a significant impact on them. No resident should feel excluded from the conversation. Decisions should be based on the interest of ALL Rohnert Park residents.

  • Bring a multi-cultural lens to leadership within Rohnert Park.

  • Ongoing sensitivity and diversity training for city council members and city staff. Change starts with City Hall.

  • We need affordable housing. It is key to District 1 and to our city that future generations can afford to live in this community. Our city council must make space for old and new residents while maintaining our quality of life. 

  • We need elected leaders who will step up and take action to address homelessness. I will work tirelessly to find short and long-term solutions for shelter, housing, and public safety.   

  • Reduce income inequality by supporting a wide variety of policies and tactics that target household financial insecurity.


Specific to Sections A&B 

  • Create programs that assist small business owners to revitalize the Southwest Blvd Shopping Plaza (Adrian and Southwest Blvd). It is in dire need of an update.

  • Help find ways to modernize the Southwest Blvd sound wall. In many areas, the walls are leaning and dilapidated. They need to be replaced to improve appearance, safety, and privacy.

  • Renovate the parks and infrastructure in sections A & B to meet the same standards of other parts of Rohnert Park


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representation matters!


540 Baron Drive

Rohnert Park, CA 94928


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