Meet Willy Linares

Willy is no stranger to hard work and hustle. Having been raised by a single, working Mom who immigrated to San Francisco from Guatemala, he learned from a very young age the importance of a strong work ethic and drive in achieving one's goals. He often watched his Mom support her 4 boys by working multiple 16 hour shifts in order to provide for her family.


After spending his childhood moving from apartment to apartment, Willy moved to Sonoma County at the age of 13 to attend Hanna Boys Center. Hanna’s stable environment afforded Willy the opportunity to thrive and set a strong course for his future. He went on to earn his BA from Sacramento State University, Master of Arts from the University of San Francisco, and MBA from Ashford University while working full time for organizations including the Sacramento Kings, and serving as a Regent Board Member at Hanna Boys Center. Willy’s resilience and steadfast commitment to giving back has undoubtedly been shaped by the adversity he experienced in life. An unmatched work ethic is built into his core and I know that having the opportunity to represent his community will be a source of pride that will breed incredible results that will be seen across the board.


There is one thing that I also want to mention - and that is that beyond his qualified and driven background, he is the ultimate family man. His dedication to our family is one that I know came from his desire to be a strong father figure, husband, provider and #girldad to our 1 year old, Viviana. He has constantly strived to be the best partner to me and the best Dad to Vivi and I know he would have the same passion should he have the opportunity to serve our community. We are fully invested in building a diverse community, full of acceptance and openness, where we can all live together with pride in harmony. I am positive that residents of Rohnert Park will be as proud to call Willy their council member as I am to call him my husband.


Monica Linares

Proud Wife, Mother, and

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist